Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Owl Houses

I am laughing even as I type this -- partly because it's just like me to come up with another mildly nutty idea, and partly because I truly have no time to take on a new project, however small.

That being said, my lastest plan is to build one or two owl houses.  Uh huh.  Owls.  Specifically, Eastern Screech Owl houses, because I think that is the type of owls we have in our neighborhood.

I mean, how cute is this guy?  I'd love to count him as a resident in my yard!

When I had my lake property, one of the first things I did was put up a bat house.  Do you know how many flying bugs they eat an hour?  It's insane.  But I've moved on from bats -- I'm on to owls.  Rodent catching owls.  Ohhh yes, my pretty!

I've looked up owl house construction plans online (you've gotta love the internet) and they look unbelievably simple.  I mean, it will probably just take about 5 minutes.  Looking at the plans, it appears that all I need is an 8 foot 1"x 10", a hinge, some wire, and some cedar shavings.  I have all of that...well wait, I guess cedar mulch probably doesn't count... 

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