Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Chain Link? Be Gone!

Those are some before and after photos of the alley fence...

I had my old fence lining the alley removed this week, and had a new one installed. The old one was too short (about 4 feet) not asthestically pleasing (chain link) and not in the best shape. It was patched with odd bits of mesh here and there, and totally overtaken with vines. Greta hadn't realized yet that she could jump it if she wanted to (and let's be honest, to what better place would she be going?) but she demonstrated her fence leaping ability at my old place so I figure it was only a matter of time.

I hadn't really planned on taking this project on until Spring when I plan to start landscaping and gardening in earnest. I knew I wanted it done before those projects started, so that my new plants wouldn't get trampled during construction...

Aside from being easier on the eyes and better security, I got 2 bonuses with this fence: One, I now have a gate to my alley. Okay, yes, the alley is abandoned -- you couldn't drive back there if you had to (just ask my cable guy) but I still need access for weed control... The second bonus is, just think how great that new wire fence will be for climbing vegetables in my garden! I'm pretty pumped.

Abe at the fence company (major kudos Top Quality Fence for a job well done) said my fence was sort of fun to do because it is different than 98% of the fences they install. You KNOW I loved hearing that! :::grin:::

I also was forced to clean up the myriad of clay pots and things behind the shed to make room for construction. The sellers had left several pots and bags of lawn chemicals (eeewww!) back there, and when I moved I just piled my pots on top of theirs. So that got all sorted out, and hey, I found a cement pad off the shed in in back! Shelving will go there, and it will be my place for re-potting plants. Plus it just feels good to have cleaned that out back there. It was sort of a yucky project hanging over my head.