Wednesday, June 23, 2010

"Yellow?" Goodbye to the Phone Nook

I thought I had a photo of the little telephone nook that was in my hallway, but now I can't find it. It was a little shelf built into the wall (painted terrible colors) and it had a little door that opened on top where the phone plugged in, a little shelf for the phone to rest on, and this teeny tiny seat that folded out of the wall. If you were a 65 pound person you may have even been able to actually perch on it while you carried on telephone conversations with your friend about oh-so-important topics such as when afternoon tea would be.

Alas, no photo.

This week I am having another round of "Vic Magic" in my house, and one of the projects was to take out the phone shelf and build in a bookcase. I did hire an electrician and to get the phone jack in working order but apparently the wiring was too far gone. (And I have since then actually laid eyes on the wiring and I must say I am not surprised... it wasn't tin cans and a string, but it wasn't far from it.)

I don't believe the phone nook was original to the house, and therefore I did not hesitate to take it out. And now I have this great little bookcase!

The little green lamp on the top shelf may not be permanent, but for now it looks okay there. There isn't an outlet nearby (yet...) so I can't plug it in.

The next shelf holds all of the Harry Potter hardbacks -- I do miss my friend Harry. I may have to re-read them.

On the next shelf is a round mirror with 2 little mice gazing at themselves, with their arms around each other. I bought it this summer while visiting family. I just thought it was kind of cute.

And so far, the bottom shelf remains empty. Work in progress, as they say.

During demolition, Vic found a little something that was long-lost by a previous resident. As soon as I remember to snap a photo of it, I'll post about that. It was fun!

Monday, June 21, 2010

A Cozy Corner

Even though my living room is small, I really wanted a window seat next to my fireplace. To test that theory, I put a little upholstered bench there for a week or two -- loved it. I can put my feet up on the window frame, and lean up against the wall. When Vic was over, we did some measuring, and Monday morning he showed up at my door with this!

(The little white square on it is a cardboard coaster. A photo oops.)

It needs a cushion... and I think I am going to have to make one, because I looked at Pier 1 and Cost Plus World Market and so far, nada that I like. I haven't looked online yet -- but gosh, cushions are so needlessly expensive. I do need one though; I've been sitting on it without one, and I don't last long. And a pillow just sliiiiides.

The lid lifts up for storage. Finally -- a place to store all those rag rugs that my parents have made for me! And the Scrabble board, if it fits in there.

Spa-Ahhhh - Vic Magic, Part II

Old house... small closets... no storage. Enough said, right?

Here is Vic Magic, Part II -- bathroom towel storage.

The pipe that appeared was, um, well a surprise. Vic assures me that it carries air. AIR. Clean air. He was going to build a wooden box around it, but after living with it exposed over a weekend, I decided I sort of liked it. So I gave it a fresh coat of glossy black paint and said, "Oh yes! I intended for that to be there!" The shelves are adjustable, which is nice.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

365 Days Later

Today is exactly one year since the moving truck backed up to my little square of paradise. My friend Cole flew in to help, and we unpacked boxes and laughed, and tried to take it all in. She was the very first entry in my house Guest Book.

Now, one year later, my friend Shannon is here -- and there have been a handful of weekend guests in between; more laughing, more "making memories" as Red says, and giving me decorating consults.

I've met a lot of my neighbors, and now count them among my friends. We hang out in each other's yards, take regular "home tours" of each other's houses, and provide advice and counsel. It's awesome. I just couldn't have landed on a better street that would be more suited to me and my quirks.

I'm just so grateful to be here. I'm a very lucky girl.

I Love Consignment Stores

I've been sort of searching -- I say "sort of" because these days I've been more interested in outdoor improvements than indoor -- for a dining room table. (And the table is a whole OTHER post -- I am so behind --!) Anyway, I had been feeling like I needed to duck into my favorite consignment store, The Consignment Solution for about a week, but I hadn't quite been able to get my timing right.

Sunday after I took my friend to the airport and was going home I decided to wheel in and see if they had a table. No table. However... a sectional couch that I had fawned over a few weeks back was still there. And, the price had dropped the day before. T R O U B L E

I tried to walk away, I did. But instead I sat on it. Hmmm. Comfortable.

Then the measuring tape that lives in my purse for just these types of occasions came out. Hmmm. I wonder if that would fit in my living room?

Is it really that fab? Hmmmm. Yes, I think it is. I need a neighbor consult.

Went home, measured living room (yes, it will fit!) located said neighbor, plus a bonus neighbor, and we piled into the car and went back. "Oh my," they said -- "It is SO YOU." Without examining too closely what they meant by that -- just presuming quickly that it was a good thing -- I announced to the clerk that I would take it.

He said excellent -- and by the way, you have about 30 minutes -- the store is closing. My neighbors skedaddled home to get a truck while I paid -- and we took it home.


It is in 2 sections, so I can also separate them and make them be two "love seats" that face each other for a different look. I had the table and candle ring already but they were in the shed/attic. Paint is next! Tomato-y red/orange on the window wall...

(And yes, dog insists in being in many photos despite attempts to shoo her out.)