Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Back Steps!

Yesterday I got to go to the steel company's workshop and see my stairs.  Mostly complete, and needing approval before painting.  They look positively  f a n t a s t i c.   I am giddy.  It's beautiful.

This is the bottom piece.  It connects to the other piece forming an "L" shape.

This is the landing piece -- my kitchen french doors will open up onto the back right side.
I asked them to add 2 hooks at the top on the short ends.  I don't know what I'll use them for, but it seemed like a good place to have some.  The little bench wasn't on yet, so I had some trouble envisioning where garden shoe spikes might go. 

Although James denies it, I feel like this project has taken on a larger life than he had planned, and I feel badly about it. All of that to say, I really didn't want to make any change/addition requests.  I would like spikes to hang garden shoes on, but golly I just cannot bring myself to request it.  And it's so... girly.  Such a fine detail... "leave it to a chick to make a request like that..." and so I'm passing.  I can always add a little shoe rack out there -- and maybe it's good it won't be welded into place, because, :::laughing::: isn't it a woman's prerogative to change her mind?  And welding IS sort of, well, permanent. 

Ahhh the Queen of Rationalization reigns once again.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Oh, My Poor Baby Gutters

I am so sorry.  Spring is coming, I promise.  And, cute new little steel tables with great legs to support your rain barrels..