Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Have you ever felt compelled to do something? And you can sort of explain why you are compelled, but not entirely - you just know its what you have to do?  I can't say that that has happened to me often; but it has happened to me this year.

I'm finally telling everyone in my life about my big plans -- I'm over hauling my life!

I have been in an intense career transition workshop since April.  Lots of hard work, but I have learned so much about myself, and about what makes me happy.  It's been an amazing journey, but its one that is just beginning.

I'm selling my house....

I'm selling pretty much everything I own (except my tools, a few dishes and my dog.... )

I'm going to build and live in a Tumbleweed Tiny House.  In wheels.  Off the grid.

House showings start this week....

My big sale will be November 3rd.

I hope to have a much lighter load in every sense of the word by the time I travel to my parents' in Minnesota for Christmas.

I may post a few more times here, but I've started a new blog, documenting my transition.  If you'd like to follow my journey, post in the comments, and I'll send you an invitation for the new blog.  (I haven't published it to internet browsers yet.) I think several of my readers have already made the jump, and frankly I have no idea how many people have been reading this blog!  : ) 

Thanks for reading!