Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Come and Get It!

On my way in the front door after my dog walk this morning I stopped at my butterfly garden to check on the caterpillar cocoon. I don't know how long the transformation takes... suppose I could look that up.

Anyway -- I had to do a double take, because this is what I saw:

For a split second I was excited -- it's out! But wait -- no, the cocoon doesn't produce another caterpillar -- dummy, it produces a butterfly! I guess the word is out about where to find yummy parsley...

You can see the cocoon still there on the left hand side of the photo. It looks sort of like a silvery leaf. I still think the cocoon looks a little "unfinished" -- and wonder if it's going to come full circle, but we'll see. I'm not exactly an expert.

Is this a Pattern?

As I launched my blog to write this post I was struck -- hmmm -- is this some sort of pattern? A theme of old men? Let's not examine that too closely, regardless.

I got this door knocker at the same place as my table. He was only $10! I think he's fab. He reminds me of those faces that some artist makes -- those leaf faces? Have you seen those? Anyway, I think he is a total prize. (Red thinks he's a little scary... LOL)

I'd really like to hang him on my side pedestrian gate, but it's an iron gate... will need to investigate the possibilities there. My front door is already sort of "busy" and I do have a door bell. So right now I'm thinking figure out a way to put him on my garden gate, or maybe my new back doors when I get them. He would be great on my alley gate, but nobody ever goes in the alley!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

In Love with an Old Man

No, Red, you aren't old.

But check out THIS guy!!

Isn't he just amazing?? He is about 4 feet tall. He was also at Old Home Supply... for THIRTY SIX HUNDRED DOLLARS! Yeah, so, clearly can't take HIM home. But of course I did my usual, "Eeek, sort of expensive... but I could MAKE that."

Now: must find a very large tree...

When are you getting a dining room table?

It was a frequent question -- brought on mostly, I presume, by the fact that under the great chandelier in my dining room there was a dog bed. You know, for the Queen.

For months I didn't even look for a table... I've never had a "real" dining room table because I could never find dining room chairs that were comfortable enough for a long stay.

Then I decided okay, I guess I DO need a table... but gosh I loathe furniture shopping... I hit a consignment store by my house regularly for months (and came home with a sectional sofa, you may recall.) Um, mission FAIL.

Then against my better judgment I started looking a new tables at real furnitures stores (horrors!) and after about 8 furniture stores I threw in the towel. Ewww, ick -- mass production! Welcome to America. I was right the first time: I don't need a dining room table. Greta, don't get up.

But then on Saturday morning my neighbor texted me: "Am going to old home supply in fw, wanna go?" Spontaneous road trip with a neighbor to a place called "Old Home Supply"? I'm in.

And now, the burning question is answered:

Fab, no?

Round? Check.

Perfect size: Check (53" seemed too small, I wanted 72" but knew it would be too large, was looking for 60" -- it's 57; a decent compromise)

Minimal base? Check.

One of a kind? Check. (Edging is a WAGON WHEEL, forheavensake -- but on the other hand I DID buy it in Fort Worth)

Sort of rustic? Check. (I will probably sand it and seal it to avoid water rings...)

And to give credit where credit is due:

Please don't ask me about chairs.