Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Come and Get It!

On my way in the front door after my dog walk this morning I stopped at my butterfly garden to check on the caterpillar cocoon. I don't know how long the transformation takes... suppose I could look that up.

Anyway -- I had to do a double take, because this is what I saw:

For a split second I was excited -- it's out! But wait -- no, the cocoon doesn't produce another caterpillar -- dummy, it produces a butterfly! I guess the word is out about where to find yummy parsley...

You can see the cocoon still there on the left hand side of the photo. It looks sort of like a silvery leaf. I still think the cocoon looks a little "unfinished" -- and wonder if it's going to come full circle, but we'll see. I'm not exactly an expert.

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