Tuesday, January 26, 2010


The full length mirror on the closet door in my guest room is hazy. It's difficult to have a clear vision of what you are trying to see. But I like it, because I believe it is original to this house -- as well as the door and hinges that hold it, the glass knob that unlatches it, and the wooden floor beneath it.

The vision I like is in my mind: Over the past 80 years, who stood reflected in this very same mirror? Who stood on these very same wooden boards, and grasped this same beautiful glass door knob?

These small actions are actions that took place in exactly the same manner that I do them today -- I likely take the same natural step backward as the door swings in the same arc it's always done, just as others before me.

Often I take a moment when I'm here, reaching into this closet for something mundane, to pay homage to those who lived in this house before me. It makes the history here rich and alive.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Famed Murphy Bed

I am breaking my self-imposed rule of not posting a project before it's complete... but isn't that what rules are for? I've come to realize that the crown moulding is indefinitely delayed... I need a lesson. Apparently the whole "backwards and upside down" thing is too confusing for a girl who struggled in geometry class in junior high.

So this is it! It meets my needs so perfectly for having a nice guest room and still having open space in that room for day to day use. My guests so far have given it good sleeping reviews, so I will call it a success. Plus, we had fun building it. I plan to total up our construction hours, but haven't done that yet.

You can see it folded up -- meant to look like an armoir. The little wooden squares to above the handles are the legs when the bed is folded down: You can see in the photo that I have one leg extended and one folded in. The legs also operate the latches that hold the bed in the upright position. And then I took a few photos of it down & ready for sleeping. The quilt on it is from Aunt Verna.

The other thing I still need to do is figure out what to do with that open space that's left when the bed is folded down; it looks sort of plain. I may paint it, I may tack up some great fabric, or it's been suggested that I put up a big map of the State of Texas. Thoughts?

A New Spring

Of course, every Spring is a new beginning. But this year is special for me, (me, me me, doesn't it make you weary?) because it's my first Spring in my first house. (Although in retrospect, it's January -- it isn't exactly Spring, but -- well, I live in Texas. It seems like Spring.)

These flowers -- I think they are daffodils -- made their appearance in the furthest back area of my yard last week. I didn't notice them at all last year, in any stage of their growth, partially because I didn't move in until June. But also I don't think anything beautiful was poking through in that corner until I replaced that back fence, and as a by-product ripped out all sorts of invasive vines and weeds.

The daffodils are sort of another "house discovery." They have popped up in an area that is slated to be a garden area, so I am going to leave them undisturbed. They make me wonder...

How long have they been there? Who cared enough to plant them? I can't wait until they bloom! And I wonder what else will show up as the Spring continues...!