Sunday, January 24, 2010

A New Spring

Of course, every Spring is a new beginning. But this year is special for me, (me, me me, doesn't it make you weary?) because it's my first Spring in my first house. (Although in retrospect, it's January -- it isn't exactly Spring, but -- well, I live in Texas. It seems like Spring.)

These flowers -- I think they are daffodils -- made their appearance in the furthest back area of my yard last week. I didn't notice them at all last year, in any stage of their growth, partially because I didn't move in until June. But also I don't think anything beautiful was poking through in that corner until I replaced that back fence, and as a by-product ripped out all sorts of invasive vines and weeds.

The daffodils are sort of another "house discovery." They have popped up in an area that is slated to be a garden area, so I am going to leave them undisturbed. They make me wonder...

How long have they been there? Who cared enough to plant them? I can't wait until they bloom! And I wonder what else will show up as the Spring continues...!

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