Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Drawings & Embeds

I got an email from James.  He says my "drawings and embeds" for my back steps are ready.  No, I am not sure what embeds are -- but my deductive reasoning puts them in the category of steel for the footings.

I'll get both today or Friday.

Baby steps.  Marching towards the fabulous back steps.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Little Seedlings

The Hairy Vetch has sprouted!  You can see where the blank spaces are... there could have been a romping dog re-dispersing the seeds... (Oh!  And there she is in the photo -- I didn't even see her at first!  LOL)

Our weather has been so warm -- although windy -- it's been supreme for the seedlings.  I can only hope the raspberries adjacent are equally happy underneath their layers of compost and cedar mulch.  I've been dutifully watering them by hand with buckets of rain water.

I mulched quite a lot of leaves this weekend.  I spread them over my raspberries, and down my side yard.  When they decompose they'll provide great nitrogen for the soil which is hard to come by in the winter.  I don't think my side yard has ever had any love, so any soil amendments I can give it before I start working that area (hopefully next year) will be beneficial.

I sat in the back yard this weekend having morning coffee and updating my garden journal.  I don't think I had written in it since May!  Oops!  I was able to write follow ups on plants that I had planted in the Spring -- did they thrive or not, what were their issues, etc.  I'm still learning what my sun and soil are at this house, so I hope that documenting will help me out in the Spring, when my brain is addled from hiding under an afghan all winter.