Friday, August 6, 2010

Odds & Ends

Week before last (? how did THAT happen?) I went to view the progress of the cocoon and all that was left was the strings it hung from. I guess the butterfly emerged!

My backyard landscaping is coming along -- in bloom are my red Hibiscus, my Night Blooming Jasmine and my American Beauty Berry. Fun! I'm having to work double time to keep plants watered and my bird bath full in our very hot weather. I lost a few plants when I was out of town, but that's to be expected. My basil is very happy - yum! I'll be making pesto soon!

I am starting to think about my fall garden planting, and starting some seeds indoors. I didn't have very good luck with my from-seed plantings this year...

Red and I worked on my new dining room table: puttied the finish nail holes, sanded, polyeurathaned, sanded, polyeurathaned, and sanded. And then we hit the rim of the table and the base with that textured spray paint to make the base match the rim (the base was shiny black) and camoflauge a few messy spots on the rim. It's FAB. It is such a perfect match to my hardwood floors! All we have left now is to attach the top to the base, and we already did the Home Depot run for the supplies so that should be fast & easy. I bought a new jigsaw puzzle in Duluth last week, and can't wait to try out the table!