Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Shine a Light on Me

I added a light to the ghostie guy...

I'm giddy.

Here's my porch column lit, with the other electric jack'o'lantern in front:

I haven't made it to the dollar store yet to get a witch's hat for my steps...

Monday, October 10, 2011


Halloween has sprung!  For your viewing pleasure... A big thanks to Red for his help...

The first few photos are the decorations I used last year.  It was a relief this year to have some items ready to go -- not doing the first year scramble any more!

These decorations on my front porch are new this year:

I got the greatest deal on those "flat" pumpkins!  Hopefully they will remain stacked... I was prepared to pay a lot more but Kroger had a super deal on them.

Then I bargain shopped at a local thrift store and found those light up pumpkins (I also got a single one that isn't in the photo). 

And then my favorite??  THE LEGS!!

I saw a photo of those online when I did a search for "planter Halloween decorations" and decided I HAD to have them!  I looked for mannequin legs on Craig's List and actually found some, but they were geographically undesireable.  Then I searched for "inflatable legs" -- which has probably scarred my Google search history for life.  In the end I decided to just make them.  Then I bought a pair of tights, went to the infamous local thrift store for boots, make some buckles and glued them on the toes... and ... Voila!  They just make me giggle.  I still plan to get a dollar store witch's hat and lay it askew on the steps (weighted down somehow) as though she lost her hat before she nose-dived into the pot...

What you can't see -- my brick porch column is wrapped in orange lights, and there is a ground spot light that illuminates the ghost in the tree at night.

I'll carve a couple of real jack'o'lanterns when the big night is closer...

Happy Halloween, everyone!