Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I had a great day on Saturday -- the weather here was beautiful, and I had the whole day free to do whatever.  I spent most of the day on projects, just taking my time and enjoying the weather.

One thing I accomplished was applying stain and seal to the outdoor dining table and benches.  The table I had stained previously, but the sun had really faded it out.  The benches had not ever been stained.  I touched the benches with a sander, applied a wood conditioner (boy did the old wood suck that up!) and then applied the stain.  The next day I applied a thin coat of polyeurethane.  Voila!

I'm just tickled with the end product!  I've already spent some time out there and it's really great.

When I was through with that, I worked some more on my interior trim/door frame project, which took a one day detour.  You know how you're working on one project, and then you realize it's going to force you to do a side project?  That's what happened.  I hope to finish the side project today, and if I do I'll post photos tomorrow.