Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Eden Prairie, Dallas

I finished painting the living room nearly two weeks ago, but neglected to post photos...

Doggie figured out photos were being taken and immediately posed...

And then I've ordered this rug, but darn it all, it's on back order!  The color is called coffee, and it's an 8' round, jute rug.  Chemical free! Isn't it gorgeous?

I struggled with the idea of a rug... I knew the room needed one, but I can hardly stand knowing how rugs harbor dirt and dust.  I've had a 3' x 5' rug in there, and although I could easily take it outside and shake it, it just wasn't large enough to anchor the room.  Honestly, I looked at indoor/outdoor rugs that I could hose off without damaging them, but the ones I found all seemed too plastic-y.  Ick.  Ultimately I settled on jute.  I've had jute before and have been very pleased with it.  So, we'll see how I do with this one.  I think it will look great under my circular sectional, and the color should pull from the adjacent dining room.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Half Done

I got the second coat painted on the fireplace wall last night, and the first coat on the window wall. I hope to finish tonight. Here's an in-progress photo, although my livingroom is still in total chaos.  I haven't put the mirror back up on the mantel -- I guess it will go back up there -- but the paint wasn't dry enough to lean anything on it.  And, the mirror frame still needs to be repainted.

I did some research on putting cedar fence pickets on the wall -- turns out I am not the first one to think of that and do it -- I am aghast!  :::grin::::  The guy I found who did it, though, finished his.  He planed them, sanded them, etc.  and put them up horizontally.   I am leaving mine rough, and installing them vertically.  Nonetheless, he gave me some great information to think about, so that's all good.

I still haven't snapped photos of my shop, but I will.  I've been too focused on painting!  Greta is weary of the new project that is taking attention away from her...

Monday, January 3, 2011

Rollin', Rollin', Rollin'

Ladies and Gentlemen -- we have a winner!

My livingroom color is called Eden Prairie (which is also a suburb of Minneapolis... oddities abound) and it is a Behr paint.  Yesterday I got the first coat on one wall -- it's going to be great!  I had some doubt as I first started rolling it on, but it quickly dissipated.  I'll be painting after work this week -- I'll post before and after photos when I finish.

And I think I've decided on a plan for the TV wall.  I'm going to cover it in rough cedar pickets.  More on that as it progresses...

And the most exciting news -- my work shop!  I can no longer call it a shed, as it has far surpassed any likeness to a shed.  Red and I worked on it for two and a half days -- quite an undertaking -- but such a great result and very satisfying.  I'll post photos soon.  Words cannot adequately express... but I owe Red big time.

Word on my back steps is that a necessary part that is on order won't arrive for another three weeks.  Disappointing for sure, but it just builds the anticipation and gratitude.