Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Half Done

I got the second coat painted on the fireplace wall last night, and the first coat on the window wall. I hope to finish tonight. Here's an in-progress photo, although my livingroom is still in total chaos.  I haven't put the mirror back up on the mantel -- I guess it will go back up there -- but the paint wasn't dry enough to lean anything on it.  And, the mirror frame still needs to be repainted.

I did some research on putting cedar fence pickets on the wall -- turns out I am not the first one to think of that and do it -- I am aghast!  :::grin::::  The guy I found who did it, though, finished his.  He planed them, sanded them, etc.  and put them up horizontally.   I am leaving mine rough, and installing them vertically.  Nonetheless, he gave me some great information to think about, so that's all good.

I still haven't snapped photos of my shop, but I will.  I've been too focused on painting!  Greta is weary of the new project that is taking attention away from her...

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