Monday, January 3, 2011

Rollin', Rollin', Rollin'

Ladies and Gentlemen -- we have a winner!

My livingroom color is called Eden Prairie (which is also a suburb of Minneapolis... oddities abound) and it is a Behr paint.  Yesterday I got the first coat on one wall -- it's going to be great!  I had some doubt as I first started rolling it on, but it quickly dissipated.  I'll be painting after work this week -- I'll post before and after photos when I finish.

And I think I've decided on a plan for the TV wall.  I'm going to cover it in rough cedar pickets.  More on that as it progresses...

And the most exciting news -- my work shop!  I can no longer call it a shed, as it has far surpassed any likeness to a shed.  Red and I worked on it for two and a half days -- quite an undertaking -- but such a great result and very satisfying.  I'll post photos soon.  Words cannot adequately express... but I owe Red big time.

Word on my back steps is that a necessary part that is on order won't arrive for another three weeks.  Disappointing for sure, but it just builds the anticipation and gratitude.

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