Tuesday, July 20, 2010

When are you getting a dining room table?

It was a frequent question -- brought on mostly, I presume, by the fact that under the great chandelier in my dining room there was a dog bed. You know, for the Queen.

For months I didn't even look for a table... I've never had a "real" dining room table because I could never find dining room chairs that were comfortable enough for a long stay.

Then I decided okay, I guess I DO need a table... but gosh I loathe furniture shopping... I hit a consignment store by my house regularly for months (and came home with a sectional sofa, you may recall.) Um, mission FAIL.

Then against my better judgment I started looking a new tables at real furnitures stores (horrors!) and after about 8 furniture stores I threw in the towel. Ewww, ick -- mass production! Welcome to America. I was right the first time: I don't need a dining room table. Greta, don't get up.

But then on Saturday morning my neighbor texted me: "Am going to old home supply in fw, wanna go?" Spontaneous road trip with a neighbor to a place called "Old Home Supply"? I'm in.

And now, the burning question is answered:

Fab, no?

Round? Check.

Perfect size: Check (53" seemed too small, I wanted 72" but knew it would be too large, was looking for 60" -- it's 57; a decent compromise)

Minimal base? Check.

One of a kind? Check. (Edging is a WAGON WHEEL, forheavensake -- but on the other hand I DID buy it in Fort Worth)

Sort of rustic? Check. (I will probably sand it and seal it to avoid water rings...)

And to give credit where credit is due: http://www.oldhomesupplyhouse.com/

Please don't ask me about chairs.

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