Thursday, July 15, 2010

Transformation - Claustrophobia?

Tuesday I took photos of caterpillars on my parsley. Wednesday morning I checked on them during my morning stroll through my garden. Mr. Upside Down Caterpillar was still upside down:

Wednesday late afternoon I went to check on his whereabouts and to my surprise, saw this!

Someone had a very busy day...

And a little background: When I mowed the front lawn Tuesday evening I nearly ran over this little guy! He was in line for my next swath of mowing when I spotted him. I scooped him up along with a fistful of grass and redeposited him onto the parsley. In retrospect he was probably crawling around, looking for a place to spin. Once set back where he started, one can only presume he was too exhausted to restart his journey and spun it right there! Sorry little guy! LOL And while I know a cocoon is natural, and that an amazing transformation is happening inside, I can. barely. stand. to look at the cocoon! Ohhh soooo .... enclosed. Breathe. I am not in the cocoon! I am out here, where the skies are wide and the air is free...

On a related topic, remember I was looking for a book that shows caterpillars and then the corresponding resulting butterfly? Yesterday I had the bright idea to call the local Texas Discovery Gardens at Fair Park, where they have a butterfly house to ask if they had any recommendations. (Actually the size of a house -- this huge walk through 2 story dome -- very cool.) They said they have a book like that in their gift shop, and it's used and recommended by their Master Gardeners. After a few email volleys back and forth, it appears I may start volunteering out there. Can you imagine? Spending a day with Master Gardeners in a butterfly house? I am beside myself. I may also be turning into a little old lady. Guess I'd better get a hat and some knee highs.

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