Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Neighbors Who Share

I've become acquainted with a couple who lives on my walking route. They lost a big tree to the snow this year and I absconded (with permission and with help) with some fire wood as a result. They have a great display of flowers in their front yard, and if you are nosey like me and peer over their side gate, you can see that their backyard is positively an oasis. Ray and Judy. They are the nicest people!

I was walking by a few weeks ago and Judy was out tending her flowers. I took the opportunity to ask her what some orange flowers were in her yard. (Orange flowers are hard to come by!) They look like wildflowers -- airy, random, and about 3-4 feet tall. Just beautiful! She didn't know the name, but she immediately produced a kleenex from her pocket and stooped over and picked up some seeds for me. Ray appeared from the sideyard and enthusiastically told me just to scatter them and keep them wet for a few days. I did, and the seeds sprouted immediately!

I told the story to a friend with whom I walk, and have already promised her seeds from my plants when they produce! (Nevermind that metal plant label in the photo; it's for another nearby plant...)

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