Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Mojito, anyone?

Red remarked the other day that the mint and thyme in my driveway is filling in nicely. Naturally I felt compelled to share it with you...

Here's how it looked when it was new:

And here's what it looked like last evening, after a trim:

I have peppermint (the largest plants;) pennyroyal (the flat plants with little purple blossoms;) spearmint (with the variegated leaves;) thyme (whispy looking, about halfway down the drive) and in the very back where you can't really see, I have lemon balm. The lemon balm isn't really thriving... it may get replaced at some point. (No, Ms. Lemon Balm, I am not threatening you, it's just an observation!)

One little 4 year old neighbor girl and I take turns picking mint leaves for the other and eating them. She agrees, it tastes like toothpaste!

Whenever I pull into or back out of my driveway, the mint brushes the under carriage of my car and the most delicious mint aroma comes in through my air vents. It's my own personal aromatherapy sending me on my way or welcoming me home!

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