Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sweet Dreams

I'm not really a pink and ruffle-y type of girl, but I did want my bedroom to be really feminine. And at the age of 43 I hadn't ever had night stands that match! You'll recall (maybe) from prior posts that I finally got the big IKEA closet in my room ... and that I had 2 throw pillows that I bought at Bishop Arts District that were to be my jumping off point for my room.

The room is finally done, with the exception of possible paint on 2 more walls in a beach sand color. Ta daaaa!

The stories the photos don't tell... it took me 90 minutes to hang crystals on the first chandelier .. right, did you know, chandeliers do not arrive assembled? And that they come with the one tiny black and white photo and 8 point font instructions printed on tissue paper? I'm here to tell you, that's true.

Growing up I always had clothes on the floor of my bedroom ... my mother constantly rode me about it. Some things never change (although I do usually my bed now, mom!) A row of hooks was just the thing I needed -- and I found some mis-matched glass crystal-y hooks at Antropologie! Sanded and stained a board, stuck the hooks on it, hung it up -- voila! And I still sometimes have clothes on the floor! Hmmmm...

I had the hardest time finding those rugs! I knew I didn't want square or rectangular rugs, and I wanted something fuzzy/cozy... but I wasn't terribly picky about the color. Took f o r e v e r to find those! Anthropologie. I am not much for their clothes, but I do love the home furnishing side of their store. Love.

The little sign by the door says, "New Shoes Can Cure the Blues." Whenever Red and I are out, and we see a woman with a little extra looking overly enthusiastic, I usually shrug and say, "She's probably wearing new shoes."

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