Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Is this a Pattern?

As I launched my blog to write this post I was struck -- hmmm -- is this some sort of pattern? A theme of old men? Let's not examine that too closely, regardless.

I got this door knocker at the same place as my table. He was only $10! I think he's fab. He reminds me of those faces that some artist makes -- those leaf faces? Have you seen those? Anyway, I think he is a total prize. (Red thinks he's a little scary... LOL)

I'd really like to hang him on my side pedestrian gate, but it's an iron gate... will need to investigate the possibilities there. My front door is already sort of "busy" and I do have a door bell. So right now I'm thinking figure out a way to put him on my garden gate, or maybe my new back doors when I get them. He would be great on my alley gate, but nobody ever goes in the alley!

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