Sunday, June 20, 2010

I Love Consignment Stores

I've been sort of searching -- I say "sort of" because these days I've been more interested in outdoor improvements than indoor -- for a dining room table. (And the table is a whole OTHER post -- I am so behind --!) Anyway, I had been feeling like I needed to duck into my favorite consignment store, The Consignment Solution for about a week, but I hadn't quite been able to get my timing right.

Sunday after I took my friend to the airport and was going home I decided to wheel in and see if they had a table. No table. However... a sectional couch that I had fawned over a few weeks back was still there. And, the price had dropped the day before. T R O U B L E

I tried to walk away, I did. But instead I sat on it. Hmmm. Comfortable.

Then the measuring tape that lives in my purse for just these types of occasions came out. Hmmm. I wonder if that would fit in my living room?

Is it really that fab? Hmmmm. Yes, I think it is. I need a neighbor consult.

Went home, measured living room (yes, it will fit!) located said neighbor, plus a bonus neighbor, and we piled into the car and went back. "Oh my," they said -- "It is SO YOU." Without examining too closely what they meant by that -- just presuming quickly that it was a good thing -- I announced to the clerk that I would take it.

He said excellent -- and by the way, you have about 30 minutes -- the store is closing. My neighbors skedaddled home to get a truck while I paid -- and we took it home.


It is in 2 sections, so I can also separate them and make them be two "love seats" that face each other for a different look. I had the table and candle ring already but they were in the shed/attic. Paint is next! Tomato-y red/orange on the window wall...

(And yes, dog insists in being in many photos despite attempts to shoo her out.)

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Anonymous said...

I love this couch!