Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Another potting table option...

I've contacted the seller of this one -- asking about a reduced price. 

I also asked if the legs were bolted on, as I would need to lengthen the legs and swapping them out I think would be the easiest route.  This is a coffee table and it's only 21" tall.  But it is nice and long, with great drawers, and it's 30" deep!  

With some planks on top/back, and a coat of paint to distress... could be just the thing...

image 2271073105-0

UPDATE:  Ha.  The seller responded to my inquiry about taking a reduced price -- she sounded rather indignant about it all, how the table is "worth every penny."  Er, so, maybe you shouldn't put "OBO" in your ad... IJS.  Onward and upward.  My table is out there somewhere! 

I saw a really fab one in a store as a display table at Farmer's Market -- but it wasn't for sale, and I am sure, even if it was, that it would have cost a fortune.  I'm dabbling with the idea of building one out of reclaimed wood... could be cool.  Of course I don't actually have any reclaimed wood... small detail.

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