Thursday, March 31, 2011

Gutters and Chains

My gutter company came out today to add a downspout for the barrel that was moved from my porch to my sideyard, and to shorten a downspout that was a hair too long when the steel table was inserted below it.  Here's the new downspout:

And then when I'd put up the copper rain chain on my porch, I had to shorten it -- it was much longer than I needed.  I had the extra piece... what to do with it?  I asked the gutter guy if I could incorporate it anywhere.  He looked around and suggested I take down one of the carport downspouts that goes all the way to the ground, not into a barrel, and put it up there.  Stellar:

I think it looks beautiful there, and it gives me several options -- another rain barrel, a basin at ground level, a rock "field" to prevent a muddy hole, or, if I am johnny-on-the-spot when it rains, throw a bucket under it. 

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