Monday, March 28, 2011

Garden Boxes Planted

I got my garden boxes planted yesterday.  Since I did all the hard work of box prep last year, this year the planting went really fast.  I cleared out all the dead leaves and other debris.  I used a pitchfork and loosened the soil, turning it and mixing it up.  Then I turned in a few inches of fresh compost, smoothed it out and dropped in seeds.  Fast and fun.

Box 1 contains basil, tomatoes, (great companion plants!) and jalapeno peppers.  I bought seedlings for all three of those. 

Box 2 has green bell peppers (seedlings), zucchini and beets.

Box 3 has yellow squash, eggplant and radish

Box 4 has cucumbers and kale.

And all four boxes have marigold borders for natural pest control.

I feel as though I got my boxes planted sort of late this year -- especially for the kale -- but I should be okay.

I learned last week that my asparagus crowns won't ship until April due to the suppliers fields still being covered in snow, but it's all good because I don't have the area for them chosen and ready yet anyway!

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