Monday, August 17, 2009

May/June 2009: Laundry Space

You see why I was compelled to name this post "laundry space" instead of "laundry room..."

When I bought the house, the laundry room (okay, I give in) was a single door, and there was a stackable W/D inside at an awkward angle. I determined that I could buy a stackable W/D (I owned a full sized side by side set) or I could take the cash I would spend on new W/D and upgrade the laundry area and increase the overall value of my house.

So, you see the before photo -- a tiny space with things jumbled in it, and then the after photos.

I really struggled with doors -- I have 4 or 5 old doors from this house out in the garage, but I don't have 2 that match. I looked many places for interior doors to match the existing interior doors here, and I found them, but gosh they were about $300 or $400 EACH. Yikes. Then I asked Vic if he would make me some (not "could" he, because I know he could -- but "would" he -- and the answer was a firm, "no." I suppose someone had to say "no" to me at some point.)

So for now I just bought two of those cheap hollow doors at Home Depot and took the door hardware off two of the doors in the garage so the hardware does match the rest of the house, and for now that is working fine. We stained the doors and they don't look bad.

After shopping around for laundry shelving that wasn't ugly and failing, (I am one of the few people who is not a fan of Elfa) Tom and I built the shelving over the W/D. We stained and polyurethaned the wood to match the other new woodwork. I intended to use the space for a while, determine what types of things would be stored there, and then add vertical planks for dividers to make cubes. So far that hasn't happened, but wow, what a life saver this storage space has been! (And to the person looking at these photos who likes to look at the background details of photos, rather than the intended subject matter -- stop it! You don't need to know what type of TP I buy. You know who you are... I'm just kidding! )

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