Monday, August 17, 2009

Lists, projects & photos equal...

I am geeky about lists. And I love projects... and documenting them... and I have a big family and a ton of friends. So when I bought an 80 year old house (e.g. lists, projects, photos) apparently it was natural for me to start an online journal with photos of my progress -- or so I've been told. So I've given in to the power of suggestion...

I closed on my house in the first week of May, 2009. I was out of pocket for work for a few weeks after that, then I spent 2-3 weeks doing some renovations to it after that (still living in my old place) and then I moved in on June 20th. Blissfully the departure of my empty moving truck coincided nicely with the arrival of a girlfriend's flight from Minneapolis -- and the unpacking began.

Since then I have been making a LOT of lists, and pecking away at projects ... and taking a lot of photos. It will take me a bit to get this blog up to speed, but I think it will be a cool way for those who are interested in what's happening in my little corner of Dallas to see what's going on.

I just love my new place! I am so proud of myself for being able to pull it off, and I have no buyer's remorse. The street is old and beautiful, my neighbors are great, and Tom and I are having a ton of fun (well I am -- maybe you should ask him...) doing a lot of projects together. I already really love my house, but it has the potential to be just amazing.

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