Monday, August 17, 2009

May/June 2009: Baseboards - progress & completed!

Here you see (1) Original baseboards removed; see how the sheetrock stops about 5 inches from the floor? Nifty! (Not.) When Tom removed the baseboards, pecans and twigs fell out, and he found 4 dead birds! (Poor babies. More on sharing my space with nature in a later post... ahem.) There was also a layer of linen-type fabric, which I'm told was a vapor barrier. Tom also found two very old black and white photos behind the front bedroom baseboards. Super cool! I'll get those scanned and post them later.

One of my favorite things about an old house is it's history: who lived here before me and what there their lives like? I think it's fascinating. At some point, when I am feeling more together and like I have free time (no comments please! LOL) I plan to do some research on the history of my house. My neighborhood newsletter just recently had a step-by-step instruction on how to go about that.

(2) The next photo is the retro wall paper that was revealed in the kitchen! Amusing.

(3) New sheetrock up

(4) Ready for texture and paint

(5) Finished project -- well, some touch up paint is needed, and then there's the question of trim on top. But for now, I am calling this done.

I am reminded of a girlfriend and her husband who also bought an old house. They removed the baseboard quarter round and replaced it -- and she remarked on how much very old dirt they found -- and cleaned out. Now she laughs and says any dirt they find now, they'll at least know it's THEIR dirt! And doesn't that just make all the difference in the world? Yes, it does. If you have ever rented, you know what we mean!

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