Monday, August 17, 2009

May 2009: Entertainment Center - gone!

Here is a "before" photo of the circa 1950's entertainment center that was in the livingroom, and then a photo with it out, before the wall was patched. (I don't have an "after sheetrock" photo yet.) Several pieces of the unit have been "reconditioned" into other things: The side panels with shelves are parts of two makeshift dressers (using that term very loosely...) and the big sheets of plywood will be installed as attic flooring for storage; I am trying to reuse things when I'm able.

When the piece was ripped out, a hole in the wall was revealed -- maybe 3' x 3' and about 8 inches deep. We think it was to accomodate a large picture tube television. Studs and drywall were added, and then texture and paint.

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