Friday, May 6, 2011


Yes, it's Friday!  And we are having picture perfect weather here in Dallas.  Considering several of "my people" in Minnesota had snow this week, I am grateful for our warm, sunny days.

If I had my way, these are the things that I would like to do in my backyard this weekend:

1)  Complete the culvert project.  Remember this?

2)  Get a truck load of crushed granite, and spread it out over the muddy areas.  Super excited about this idea that is a result of a home tour I went on last weekend.

3)  Build the raised bed for my 20 asparagus crowns that arrived 2 weeks ago and are patiently waiting in cardboard box in my fridge for their new home...

4)  Feed my vegetable seedlings, and weed my raspberries.  (Somehow the only bed that really needs weeding...)

5)  Scrub down to clean, and then seal the wooden planks on my new back steps.

6)  Tackle moving the dirt around under my new backsteps; affix the final few planks, and begin prepping the area for planting.

Alas.... I was ultra graceful on a dog walk Monday evening and tumbled down a curb, and badly sprained my ankle!  It's positively huge and it's talking to me.  So, I'm currently paired with a pair of crutches.  I'd say its a good bet that my wish list will remain untouched.  Waaah.

For your viewing pleasure, here's a favorite photo of mine:

Tie-dyed shirts I dyed for my group of friends
 at Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity (2009)

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