Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hummingbird Domain

Soon this Turk's Cap will be as tall if not taller than the hummingbird feeder:

I put my hummingbird feeder out last week, and I have already had to refill it once.  I'm not sure if the hummingbirds are really here -- I haven't seen any yet -- or if the feeder is leaking...!  I read that the hummingbirds were migrating, and that they were in San Antonio in April, so they could definitely be here.  The food in the feeder is red; it's a trick of sunlight this morning that it appears yellow in this photo.

This is a huge bed of Turk's Cap, and it is spreading down my sideyard.  I purposely planted it at the last place I lived, but wasn't totally in love with it because it looks a little bit weed-like.  But this planting was here when I moved in, and when it's in blossom, it really does attract a ton of hummingbirds, so I will leave it.  I wish it didn't totally die back in the Winter, but hey, you can't have everything, right?  It will probably get even more widespread in this bed this year, because I pulled out a couple of shrubs -- now it has even more room!  It wasn't the reason for pulling shrubs -- but it's a by-benefit I guess.

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