Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Separation of Space

I went on a home tour this weekend and saw these two methods of separation of space:

 I just love this simple doorway to the garden.  Clean, simple and purposeful, using 4"x4" cedar beams.  I may do this as an entrance to my yoga platforms.  With some plantings to go along with it, it could be visually transformed into a yoga room.  I think this would look so great in front of the garden my friend has in Minnesota!  Kel, what do you think?

And then check this out:

Again -- simple, clean.  It's rebar.  In a box of rocks.  But I love it!  I might paint them... but then, I may not and leave them plain and organic.  I can't think of a space I have for these anywhere, but I've tucked it into my outdoor idea file.  Although, I suppose if you had a house larger than mine, you may need space divided inside as well!

Some folks are so creative and talented... I'd like to give credit where credit is due -- architect neighbor -- but I also like to remain somewhat anonymous on this blog.  Thank you, neighbor!

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Beyond Indigo said...

I love the wooden concept. I thought about an arbor of some sort down the road and have climbing vines on it.