Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Backyard Makeover Team

Friday night I rented a rototiller from my local big box home improvement store.

Saturday I tilled up my entire backyard, sans where the yoga platforms are, and where my raised garden beds are.  Twice.

Sunday I hired day labor.  I truly thought I could do all of the work myself, but it just was too much, and the soil was rather uncooperative, even after having been tilled...

Meet Manuel ("I am Manuel. But when I call you, my phone will say Jose'...") and his team. They totally rocked. Manual is the third guy, who, when I asked to take their photo, shot out of his chair and wanted to pose by the wheelbarrow. Totally funny.

They abolished my yard of grass roots and weed roots, smoothed it all out, laid in some paths, and cleaned the leaves and twigs from my gutters and roof. And when at 4 p.m. I said everything I had to do was done, they wanted more work.  They were machines. 

I'm not ready to show you photos of the whole yard overview -- it isn't quite ready for photos -- (and it certainly isn't any where near completed!) but I have a few snapshots of areas that I'll post soon.  All the super hard work is done now, and I have my big ticket hardscape items in, so now I get to start planting!  I'm very excited.  Now I have some decisions to make! 

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