Friday, April 8, 2011

Ah, choices

It's Friday!  I've been thinking about what things I'd like to do outside this weekend.  It's always good to have a list of goals, right?  Here are the things I'll be choosing from this weekend, in no particular order.

1)  Figure out what the major malfunction is with the rain barrel in the sideyard.

2)  Build a few more raised garden boxes.  They will help define my space, and help me track where I've planted seeds!

3)  Plant remaining flower seeds, and gourd seeds. (Clearly the boxes will need to happen first...)

4)  Plant herb seedlings in front and back.

5)  Transplant sunflowers that I started indoors.  They need more root space!

6)  Build owl houses -- I heard the owls last night -- so cool.

7)  Build an outdoor row of hooks for back steps -- just saw this idea online -- and I have an old wooden pallet that the river stone was delivered on that I could dismantle.  I'm sure I have some hooks... Perfect!

8)  Give in, and lay down a few squares of sod for the dog... she is so confused with all the grass gone!

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