Monday, February 21, 2011

They aren't new, but ...

Ultimately I want to replace the French doors in my kitchen that go outside, but it isn't currently in the budget.  I would like new doors that are wood, not painted metal, and I would like windows in them that do not have the grid-like panes in them.  Oh, and somehow I would like a screen.  I have no idea what type of door would include all of that criteria, but I know for sure that even if it does exist, it doesn't exist in my budget.

As a stop gap, I decided to paint the exterior of the doors.  For some unknown reason they were painted maroon.  Not a single other thing on the house is maroon...  And with the new steps coming day after tomorrow, immediate action was required.  I for sure didn't want to paint the doors AFTER the new steps were in:  I'd undoubtedly drip paint on the new steps.

I looked in the shed (my goodness, what a nicely organized paint shelf!) and spied what I believed to be the house trim paint can.  Score!  And also a can of interior/exterior super powered Kilz.  I scrubbed the doors down, let them dry, and painted on Kilz.  Even the blindingly white flat white was quite an improvement. 

I powered onward, with the beige-y color.  I can't tell if it isn't the same color as the house trim, or, the more likely scenario, the house trim is extremely faded and dusty.  But if I can't tell and I'm standing right in front of the door, then it seems unlikely that anyone else will notice that it isn't an exact match, either.  Score again.  And regardless -- beige is way better than maroon.  (No offense to my Aggie friends, I promise.) 


New paint

Old paint. 
Don't be fooled; they did not match the gutters above; that's a trick of light.

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