Friday, February 25, 2011


Here are a couple of shots of the steps with the wood in place.  It's a little muddy still.

I was so pleased when I got home and saw it that I called Vic and said, "Do you know how great it is to come home after you have worked all day at my house?" I was beaming. He had done a beautiful job.  He even played with the wood colors to give it a little design.  He said he estimates he has about a half day's work remaining and that he would see me in the morning.

Then he said, "I made a mistake, did you notice it?"  I hadn't.  He said that he would show it to me in the morning and that we could decide how to fix it.  Okie doke.  When I hung up I went outside and looked for the mistake, but I couldn't find it. 

When he arrived this morning he pointed out how on the edge of the large landing, on the edge that leads to the step below, the wood is supposed to overhang the edge by 3/4".  He says it's a safety thing.

Hmm.  Well, now that he's pointed it out, okay, sure I can see it.  And looking at all the other steps where he did make it hang over -- yes, the hanging over ones do look better.  Are they safer?  I have no idea.
There are two possibilities to fix it: 
One, he can put in a ripped board that is about 1" wide and drop it between the boards and bump that edge out.  The problem with that is that that 1" board would be the only 1" board, and it would probably be fairly noticeable.  I inquired about putting one or two additional 1" boards in elsewhere, to give it some continuity, and I can't remember the reason why, but he said that wouldn't work. 
The other solution is to put in a new full width board.  The problem with that?  We don't have any 10' boards left, only 8' boards -- so it would have to be pieced -- 8' and then a 2' piece.  That would really catch your eye.  My solution to that?  Go to the lumberyard and buy one more 10' plank.  The problem with that?  There's no way a 10' board will fit in my car!  The answer to that?  Drop the convertible top, and put on my Carhartt jacket and a scarf.  (It was 43 degrees this morning.)  Sure, I got some funny looks at red lights, but it wasn't nearly as cold as I'd expected it to be. 
Other related updates...
Re: the hole in the ground, Vic can't get under those last 2 steps to affix the boards from below, so I'll have to dig out and crawl under there to do those.
Re: the touch up paint to touch up the new welds from installation?  Mark called this morning and is sending a crew member out to seal up the bottom of the stringer had to be cut off (don't try to follow, I left that part of the story out) and to paint the welds.  He'll be there today at 2.
With regard to the giant green forklift parked at my front curb that was supposed to be picked up yesterday, and was supposed to be picked up "first thing this morning," they really truly promise it will be gone by 3 today.
Regarding the gutter we had to remove to get the steps in place?  My gutter company referred me to a company called Handy Dan who is going to be at my house at 8 a.m. Monday morning.  They estimate a less than 2 hour repair, at a reasonable hourly rate.
So, things are coming along.  For some reason, though, I feel very out of control.  All of the floors in my house are muddy.  Even my dog is muddy.  Outside, aside from my backyard being muddy, my driveway, with the corresponding edge of my neighbors lawn, is muddy and sort of torn up.  My carport is positively trashed with items that had to be moved to make way for construction.  One of my rain barrels is leaking at the hose connection, adding to the mud.  I'm a little wild eyed.
On the way to work, I stopped for an egg biscuit -- it was 10:15 and I was ravenous -- and when I stopped a block away from the drive through to wolf it down, I unwrapped ... a biscuit.  No egg.  Just a biscuit.
At 10:30 when I got to work, I was met with complaints from several counsel that our fax machine is down.
When my boss noticed I was sort of quiet and asked if I was down today, I started crying.  Fortunately for both of us, we were on the phone, and he wasn't standing in front of my desk -- in my experience few things affect men the way a woman crying does.  He gave me a wide berth.
Now, it's 12:30.  Rationally I know I really have nothing to be wild-eyed about it.  Hiccups are always a part of projects.  And I've got it really good -- in so many ways my life could be so much worse.  But for now?  Tired.  Teary.  Really needing the rollercoaster ride to be over.  Really wanting a few hours to knock out some clean up and get my haven reorganized.   The solution to that?  My boss just left for the day, and advised me to go home, and take care of business.  Like I said:  I've got it really good.

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