Monday, February 21, 2011

Leaky Faucet

The little "hot" and "cold" labels on the tops of my bathroom sink faucets have been upside down since I moved in.  They were on the proper faucets, but irritatingly the text faced the wall.  Over the months I made a few half hearted attempts to unscrew the top thing that holds in the white porcelain round, but honestly?  I didn't try all that hard.

Also an on-going issue is that the cold water handle leaks.  I have a white pedestal sink and there was a perpetual rust colored ring around the fixture.  Before expected company arrived, I'd take the time to get out various implements like old toothbrushes and a razor blade in combination with the beloved Bon Ami; but I in no way stayed on top of it.  I mean, c'mon, it was perpetual.

I got out my home repair but it wasn't terribly helpful.   Then over this past weekend I started unscrewing anything that I could unscrew, and enlisted Red's assistance.  He was more successful at dismantling than I was, and here is what was revealed:

And I'll tell you that before those photos were taken, substantial clean up happened.  When we first lifted up the fixture to remove it, about 3 tablespoons of this black chunky water flowed out.  Ewww!  I brush my teeth right there every day!  Totally disgusting.  We dutifully took photo documentation, and headed out.  Dinner, we said, and then Home Depot. 

Well, we forgot.  We remembered dinner, of course, and then Red dropped me off at home, and I went about my evening.  Until, oh, about 12:30 a.m. when I decided to brush my teeth and hit the rack.  Which is when I flipped on the bathroom light and there it was.  Now it was dry, and crusty.  Lovely!  Fortunately we had only taken apart the cold water -- the hot still worked.

Fast forward to today.  Let's thank whomever determined that presidents deserved a day of recognition, because Red was off work all day today, and I only had to work a half day.  I called him to announce my unexpected afternoon off and was met with his muffled voice -- he was on his back under the pedestal sink.  Bless his heart. 

He had it dismantled, and we went to a locally owned plumbing supply store.  They were very helpful and knew immediately what was called for.  The downside was, it was $55 per part, per faucet, and I needed two.  Ouch.  But onward!  Upward!

Now when you come over you'll see this pristine sight:

And I'll know that there isn't any sludge hiding underneath.  Always a good thing.

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