Friday, March 23, 2012

Starting Seeds Indoors

I finally got a few seeds started indoors yesterday morning,  Started, as in, in the dirt, watered and covered.

For pots, I used some toilet paper rolls that i had been saving for this Pinterest project:

I stood the rolls up in a baking dish, filled them with a potting mixture, dropped in seeds, watered with rain water and covered them with plastic wrap.

I planted heirloom tomatoes (probably too late in the season;) sweet basil, and dill.  The dill seeds are from my garden last year.  The other seeds I  had left over from last year's planting.

I've never grown dill from seed before, but I've nothing to lose and I had everything I needed on hand.  I planted quite a few seeds because I want several for caterpillars to munch on.  Hopefully my parsley in the garden will take off - its another caterpillar favorite.

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