Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Butterfly Season Begins

I was sitting in the sun yesterday afternoon in my garden and saw this beautiful Giant Swallowtail butterfly floating around all my plants. 

 It floated lazily in circles, around the yard, out in the alley, back in the yard, circling, circling.  It was huge.

Finally it found what it was looking for:  my Rue plants.  I had planted them last year specifically for the Giant Swallowtail -- it is their main host plant.

She bounced around on the two plants and finally came to rest and laid a few eggs:

And then floated lazily in circles all over the yard again...

Here are two posts from last year about the swallowtail and Rue.  I wrote about them in June -- they are really early this year!




Tom Stewart said...

Project girl,
I read your comment over at Leigh's Blog and wanted to write to tell you that being in Texas is a perfect place to raise Worms!
I have had two beds of worms for over two years now here in North Carolina and our summers can be very hot!
But I just make sure that the bed has lots of bedding and add water when needed.
If you take a look at my Blog, you will see a post about "Sepp by Step" how-to get a bed set up and running.
I have to guess that I have 30,000 Worms and the numbers only go up!
You can do this! If you have any questions, contact me at matoo@yahoo.com. I'll be happy to help!

Leigh said...

So glad Tom stopped by to give you some encouragement! He's my go-to guy when it comes to questions about worms.

Your butterfly photos are great! Butterflies are so hard to get clear pictures of. Good job.

Project Girl said...

Tom & Leigh,

Thank you for your insight and encouragement. I guess the outdoor worm farm is another thing to add to my wish list of projects to do... My work sure gets in the way of my leisure! : )