Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Senna Alata - Update Part 2

Remember this little guy?

Here's what it looks like today -- it is as tall as I am!  (Ignore the spider and web behind it... lol  Also ignore that flat of pansies that has been waiting for a home...)

At night, all the leaves on the branches fold up/together as if they are praying -- each pair neatly aligned.  Every morning it opens back up.  So cool!

It has three blossoms on it...

This bloom is huge -- about 6 inches -- bees were already on it yesterday.

I'm so excited!  Geek.

I'll need to research if I need to cover it for Winter...

Spring 2012 Update:  It didn't survive the winter... and didn't come back at all.  Bummer.

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