Monday, October 24, 2011

Hoping for Screening

I started to say "a couple of weeks ago" but looking back ( I realize it's nearly a month ago -- a friend and I planted three Hick's Yew shrubs in my sideyard.  When I was at Redenta's last weekend they had gotten more of them in -- so I bought 2 more.  (Goal - always have an odd number...)  I thought I would add them to the sideyard to continue the screening.

I didn't get them in the ground last weekend.... but last night I finally made it happen.  When I stepped to the side yard to access where they would go, I realized that the air conditioning unit made the intended area too narrow.  Hmmm.  I ended up planting them inside the fence instead, but still continued the line of shrubs.

You can see the third Yew outside the fence, and then two inside -- the dark green plants.  Interspersed with the ones inside right to left are Jasmine (climing the fence) rosemary, Greek Oregano and Marjoram.  I was thankful that I could leave the herbs in place and still maintain the 4-5 foot spacing between shrubs -- at least for now.  I suppose at some point they will be overgrown and will need to be moved.

The shrubs should grow to be 3-4 feet wide, and 10-12 feet tall.  Theoretically they should give me nice privacy screening in about 20 years...  HA.  Hopefully it won't be quite that long.

I found a holiday decorating idea that I like (hel-lo Pinterest) that I plan to use in some form on the three shrubs outside the fence...

Maybe I'll actually have neighbors on that side of me by then, who might appreciate some holiday festiveness when they pull into their driveway.

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