Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween 2011

Happy Halloween, everyone!  I hope you had a weekend of ghoulish fun and that it continues this evening!

I went to a masquerade party on Saturday night... it's an annual event that I didn't make it to last year, so I was able to be lazy and wear last year's costume!  I'll call it a success anyway, because I won the trophy for Best Costume Overall in my shrub-wear.  (To be fair, I'll say they were liberal with trophies.)  SO MUCH FUN hanging out along the fence with natural landscaping and then scaring the tar out of other party goers.  Yes, I'm mean.  Really hilarious though. 

If you know me and have spoken with me in the last 2 weeks you know that I have feverishly been learning the dance moves to Michael Jackson's Thriller for the masquerade party.  It was a series of 40 You Tube videos fort he 6.5 minute song.   You can read more about that at  At any rate, I mostly mastered it (and literally lost weight in the process -- I guess what they say about cardio is true -- who knew?) and we danced as a mob in the street at midnight.  Complete with a fog machine.  It was spectacular.  I'm working to get the video converted into a format I can share, but for now, here's a snapshot of me dancing. 

I hope that party pictures are made available so I can share more.   We'll see.  And I'll keep trying to get that video up.   More fun tonight with trick or treaters, and being shrub-like in a neighborhood haunted yard.  Bwa ha ha ha haaaaaaa!!

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