Monday, October 31, 2011

Any Ideas?


Can you help me troubleshoot? 

Here's my front door (I know, the plants are dead.  This was taken last year....)

Any suggestions as to where I can put something that denotes, "No shoes please"? 

I don't want to affix something to the wood near the stained glass.  The door is already "busy" with the stained glass, and I don't really want to glue on or drill into the door.

I've thought about sticking a little sign in the blue planter on the right...

My best idea thus far, I think, is to set a small sign on the ledge on the left side of the right hand column... but made out of what?  It would be fun to find a little logo like this

on something, but I've never seen one anywhere... have you?

The way I handle this now, is I just verbally ask everyone to remove their shoes.  But sometimes I forget, or sometimes I get distracted trying to corral the dog, and before I realize it, my guest has followed me through the house in their shoes.  As one of my sisters says, "Ohhhh, the dilem-na!"

Please, suggestions in the comments.  Thanks.


Carolyn commented and inquired about what the entrance inside the door looks like.  Here is a photo of the layout -- it's what the house looked like when I bought it, not today, but hey the doors are in the same places!

And then now, where that plant is in the corner?  I have this:

I do have a bench not terribly far away from the front door, in the space where you can just barely see a corner of the old white built-in entertainment center.  You can see the bench here (and the cords are hidden now!)

Does that help you visualize?  Maybe I just need to add a smaller "shoe box" by the bench.  Or, maybe I need to ditch the table and put a tiny stool in that corner instead... I keep dog walking paraphernalia on that table, but it's always sort of cluttered.  Maybe that needs a re-vamp...  Ahhh I see the snow ball coming...


Carolyn said...

Granted I don't know what the entrance room looks like(if there's space or if it's tile/wood), but I think common etiquette would be to put the sign inside the door and to have a place to put the shoes. I think most people would be slightly offended to take their shoes off outside.

Leigh said...

Hmmm. The likely spot for shoes is where the plant in the corner is, or else under the bench Maybe a decorative shelf with a whimsical little sign (outside) saying "Shoe caddy to the left," or "Socks are welcome, shoes are not, they'll be safe in the shoe spot." OK, maybe not that corny. :)

Project Girl said...

Carolyn - agreed, indoors would be better! I was hoping to give them a heads up while they were outdoors; people tend to barrel into the house once they are inside.

Leigh - I agree, where that plant is probably is the best space. I may try a little chair there (which currently serves the same purpose for the back door!) and then do a hook on the wall for the dog leash, etc. Maybe I can also fashion a shoe rack there somehow. One is sorely needed...

Thanks to you both for your comments!