Thursday, August 18, 2011

My House - the 1950's

My last post about the history of my house was here where I gave you the ups and downs of the 1940's.  Onward, now to the 1950's.

1950:  Nettie is now the school cafeteria manager at Travis Elementary.

1951:  This year, when the City Directory was published, Nettie is listed as a widow.  Also notably her employment is not listed.  I don't know if she was in between jobs at the time, or if its just a printing error, because in

1952:  Nettie is listed as working as a dietician.  I don't know if she was doing that work for the school, or for someone else.

1953-54:  Nettie continues to live in the house.  Nopw she's working as the lunch room manager for Crockett School.

May 31, 1953:  I found a newspaper article this date, that gave news of an upcoming Sunday tea, where a bridal engagement will be announced.  The bride-elect, Doris, is listed as living in my house.  I don't know who she is... but she's marrying Ed.  It seems a bit anti-climatic to announce the upcoming tea, during which an engagement is going to be annnouced... er, so, now we already know, right?  I'm confused!  The article says that Miss Glenys (the sister of Doris the bride-elect) will be "registering" the tea party guests.  And it says an "old fashioned bridal bouquet of pink and yellow carnations will center the tea table, and the table will be covered with an aqua table cloth."  The wedding date is set for August 15th.  Here is a photo of Doris:

1955-56:  Netie must love the schools, because she's changed jobs again, but she's still doing school food.  She's the Lunch Room Engineer for the Board of Education! 

1957-1964:  She's back at Crocket, working in the lunch room.  Maybe back then all the school cafeteria positions were on some type of rotation...  I'll bet her feet are tired.

1965:  Par-tay!  Nettie retired this year.

1966-1975:  Not much news listed anymore; the newspaper formats were changing.  But in 1975 the City Directory became a telephone book -- Nettie got a phone!  Her number was 321-3219.  I'd like to ring her up...

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