Monday, August 15, 2011

Pocket Door - Out

My office internet has been down, so I haven't been posting... (far too busy at home to blog - must blog at work - ha!)

I talked through the pocket door idea with Red and reluctantly concluded that a pocket door is a bigger project than I want to take on.  The type of construction of my walls, combined with having to relocate electrical, and topped off -- so to speak -- with the need to install a header was just too much.

So now I am back to either an oversized traditional hinged door, or a barn door style.  Here are a couple of photographs of the barn door styles:

Photos courtesy of

I could still make my own door -- in a traditional style that matches the other doors in the house but wider -- or I could do a rustic barn door style.  I could have one large door, or I could have two narrower doors where one slides left and one slides to the right...

Because I have a light switch and an outlet just 4-5 inches away from the door frame, I would need enough track to allow the door to go all the way past those to have access to them; but that doesn't seem like a huge deal.  It would also bump into my row of 5 clothes hooks, but I think I could put 2 of the hooks on the door itself, and/or move the hooks closer to one another.  A less attractive option would be to reduce the number of hooks from 5 to 3, but if you could see what heavy use they get you'd agree: not optimal.

I found which has a mind-blowing selection of styles and types and lots of fun photos of doors in place to help you dream. 

Right now I am leaning towards the barn door style over the traditional hinged door style.  What do you think?  Which do you like?

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