Friday, July 15, 2011

Visual Separation

When I had my back steps designed and built, I asked for 2 hooks to be installed at each end.  I didn't know what I would use them for, but I figured I'd want to hang something from there at some point. 

As I step out my backdoor and look to the right, because my house is uphill from the neighbors house I can see right over the 6 foot fence and into their backyard.  Likewise, I am in full view of them when I step out.  They are very nice, and it's not as though I spend a ton of time hanging out on the landing outside my door, but nonetheless, I want a bit of a visual barrier there.

I saw this photo in a book some time back and liked it...I saved it in my Outdoor Project Idea file....

And when thinking about what to hang in the landing opening I decided to modify it from a table light to just a hanging design:

I am also going to build a second frame to hang on the other side -- you can see the hooks on the end on the right.

And here's the other side - bonus that it matches the brick...

This is again lumber re-purposed from my neighbor's deck -- (ironically the deck that I used to look over the fence and see; now they've built a new one.  They recently finished demolition and had more lumber, but oddly they didn't offer it to me -- I think because I showed them the potting table I built from the first batch they realized the potential of re-purposed lumber.  Drat.)  Anyway I digress... so the side of the lumber that was under the deck isn't weathered, so it's still a light color shown here.

What remains?  Well, first I need to take the price tags off the silver hooks, and I plan to spray paint the hooks brown to blend in.  And then I am scheming on what, if anything, to put inside the frame.  I have several ideas churning around in my head... so I'll take a few days and let them simmer and see what feels right.

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