Monday, July 18, 2011

Side Two

A neighbor around the corner wants to learn how to use power tools, and has offered multiple times to come and help with projects in exchange for learning.  She came over on Friday and we built the second frame for my back steps.  Having a second set of hands for the corners really made a difference -- it turned out much better than the first one!  She was a quick learner.

I'm leaning towards not putting anything in the middle -- I like them plain and clean I think.  It won't give me the privacy block I was hoping for, but even with the middle empty it gives me more of a visual break than I bargained for -- bonus.  What do you think?  (I need to relocate that little blue grill....)

I may want to try this in the middle...

We also began retro-fitting one of the benches for the dining table.  I hope we can work on those again this week, schedules permitting.

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