Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Almost like the real thing

My neighbor threw out a length of old garden hose yesterday and I snatched it up.  I put a hose mender thingy (what do you call those?  I don't know...) on the cut end and affixed a sprinkler to it, screwed the other end onto my porch rain barrel:  wa-lah!  I can now reach to water all of my raised beds with my rain barrel water without filling a watering can!  It's almost as good as real rain:

I had the hose mender -- probably $1.99.  I also had the sprinkler in the garden shed -- it was an ancient one.  The hose, free.  The water, free.  (Unless you count my initial investment of gutters and barrels...)

On my water spigot on the back of house I had 2 unbelievably long hoses adjoined and I could reach all the way to the alley with it - that's sort of crazy.  I took one of them off, and attached it to one of the carport rain barrels.  Now I can water the back half of my driveway mint, and several other plants with water from that barrel.  I can now water all but the very back corner of my yard with rain water without toting a watering can.  HAPPY.

Now I need some hose hangers to wrangle all those hoses...

Two friends/neighbors who were over last night, helping me brainstorm ideas for my backyard are making noises about getting rain barrels.  That's a happy thought.

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