Monday, April 11, 2011

Reclaimed Lumber

One of the last things I did Friday afternoon at work before I shut down my computer was to do a quick Google seach for "reclaimed lumber Dallas".  I knew I wasn't going to get to any of the places this weekend, but I thought I would get a list of possible sources and do a little online research on them while watching TV.  Due to cost, I'm probably going to build my potting table for outside, rather than buying an old table to convert.

It turns out I won't need to do that research -- at least not for the potting table project:  My next door neighbor is getting a new deck, and he has offered his old deck material to me!  I need to go look at it -- he's already started disassembling the old deck -- and see if it is anything that I want.  BONUS.

Also on the topic of reclaimed lumber, I started taking apart the wooden pallet this weekend -- to build that row of hooks for outside my back door.  The disassembly is taking a little longer than expected, but there's definitely some worth while boards coming out of it.

If you Google "reclaimed lumber furniture" you really get some fabulous ideas!

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